Sprint 4

Sprint 4

Week 1

Our final sprint is working on both finalising the project and creating a final build of our game to release, but also design advertising material and release information.

One of the major sections we have been working on in this sprint is the fact we are missing audio completely. Unfortunately, none of our team are really audio minded so we went looking for fantastic music tracks.

If you haven’t heard of him, Kevin MacLeod, is a fantastic composer of royalty free music and runs the website incompetech.com. The song linked above not only fits the theme of it being in a house, but also has the atmosphere of a spooky mansion.

We’ve also started looking at our distribution options including some of the major players, Steam, GOG, Humble Bundle and Discord. As of writing this, there has also been Epic Games Store come as another option with quite competitive rates compared with others (this has also made the others look at their rates too which is a welcome change).

There has also been some further work on the procedural level generation system and it currently is just a broken mess. At the point we are getting to here, we have decided to put the system aside for now so we can have a playable game for our showcase rather than a disjointed mess. Some of us are now dedicating our time to implementation of a few level designs that can be randomly selected at runtime.

Week 2

This week saw a lot of development around the audio system for the game as well as creation of the pre-generated levels for use within the showcase.

The designs each have a unique feel and some specific areas that allow that exploration of the game to occur.

Week 3

This week really looked at preparing for the release of the game and also the project showcase. One of the major requirements was to have our game published on a store for release to the world. In this case, we utilized itch.io which allows a user to create a game page, upload the game and have it release after a certain date.

The image below is our final design, which includes the video we created to showcase the features of the game as well as the system requirements of the game and the story behind.

Preparation for our showcase event is really in full swing this week. There is still work to be done on the game, but also advertising and preparation for the showcase.

To make our team standout from the others in the showcase, we decided to kick it up a notch and designed business cards for each of us. The image on the right is our team name ‘Team Noire’ and our business card designs.


Of course to bring people over, we also needed to design some posters to catch their attention. So utilising the artwork from the game as well as some in-game screenshots we came up with the following posters, one for our team and the other for the actual game.

Game Poster

Team Poster

Lastly, we needed something to show our team in a professional was as game developers. So we decided to create shirts that advertise the game at the same time as give our team a collective look for on the day.

Week 4

Our final week of the unit was based around clean up of the final system and ensuring that the game worked as expected. We also created a video that showcases all of the features of the game for use in our showcase event at Deakin Downtown.

It has been a long time coming, and although we aren’t as feature complete as we wanted to be at the end of the four sprints, we are all really satisfied with what we got completed.

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